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Complete Drainage Services provide expert, first rate drain unblocking, for blocked drains Poole. We also conduct repairs, drain installations and a range of civil engineering services across Dorset and the entire Poole area. Using specialist equipment we can carry out high pressure drain jetting, CCTV drainage surveys and more to ensure your drain and sewer issues are resolved completely and professionally. We carry out Drain repairs and maintenance in Poole for jobs of any size and scale.

Our experienced and friendly drainage engineers are available 24/7 for emergency drainage unblocking and repairs in Poole and the surrounding area. From overflowing sinks and toilets to blocked drain pipes, to damaged pipe work and flooding we can help. We also provide new drain installation solutions for larger scale new builds and existing repairs or civil engineering projects along with drain relining and excavation work.

Problems with the flow of water in your drain system can mean any number of underlying issues such as tree roots, damaged pipe work, broken pipes or various obstructions which will get worse if left unresolved. We offer a free look and see CCTV inspection to establish the cause of any noticeable issues with your property’s water flow, which causes little disturbance and can be undertaken without any groundwork being undertaken (terms and conditions apply).

Foul smells coming from sinks, plug holes and man hole covers can also indicate a problem along with potential rodent infestations which we are well equipped to cure and prevent from occurring again in the future.

Our customer service and standard of work is second to none plus our straight forward, competitive pricing means you can rest assured that you are receiving real value and professionalism.

If you are looking for full CCTV camera drainage surveys complete with full report, CAD plans and recordings in MP4 or DVD, for both domestic and commercial properties in Poole then look no further. We provide a full service from initial inspection to fully compiled and packaged final report.

For more information or advice about the services we provide in and around Poole please contact our friendly team today, day or night on 07746 286075 or contact us via our contact page.

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CCTV Drainage Surveys

Comprehensive property drainage surveys with recorded CCTV survey and reports...

Drain Relining

Using Trenchless technology we can restore the original flow and integrity to your underground pipework...

Commercial Drain Services

Commercial and business premises drainage services and repairs

Domestic Drain Services

Domestic premises drainage services and repairs for homes of all shapes and sizes

Drain Repairs

Professional drainage and sewer repairs from minor cracks to full system restoration

Rodent Control

Prevent vermin and rodents from entering your property via drain channel entries...

High Pressure Jetting

Using high pressure water jetting equipment we are able to unblock and professionally clear drains of all sizes...

Road Connections

Installation and/or replacement of any pipes and drainage needs from your main property to your road connection...


Everything from small Gully replacements to complete new drainage systems....

Root Cutting

Problem overgrown roots can cause serious underground issues. We can provide specialist cutting services to rectify this...

Drainage Tankers

We can provide a complete drainage tanker solution, from removal to safe disposal of excess and contaminated waste...

Drain Maintenance

Are you in a business where a blocked drain could cause you a loss of income? We can offer a variety of preventative plans which work when you need us.

CCTV Drain Surveys Poole

If you are looking for full CCTV drain surveys in Poole, complete with full report, CAD plans and recorded footage, for both domestic and commercial properties, then look no further.

We provide a full service from initial inspection using specialist drain camera recording equipment to fully compiled and packaged final report. These reports are invaluable when purchasing new properties with our home buyer drain surveys giving a great insight in to a potential purchase.

They can also identify the cause of an underground issue without the need for expensive and inconvenient excavation works.

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Poole Drainage Specialists

Expert blocked drain clearance – cleaning and maintenance – CCTV drainage surveys- Rodent control – New drain & sewer connections & installations – Plumbing services – Drain repairs and more…

How do you unblock a badly blocked drain?

When faced with a badly blocked drain, it’s important to address the drainage issue promptly to prevent further damage to your drainage system. In Poole, and across Dorset, Complete Drainage Services offer reliable drain unblocking services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether you’re dealing with a minor blockage of a sink, shower or toilet or require emergency drain repairs, to gullys, soakaways or manholes and inspection chambers, a professional drainage company such as ourselves at CDS have the expertise to handle drainage problems of any size. We utilise specialist equipments and techniques such as cctv camera inspections and high pressure jetting to clear pipes and drains efficiently and comprehensively. If you’re experiencing blocked drains in Poole or local areas elsewhere in the county, don’t hesitate to contact us today any time, for fast drain unblocking in Poole. 

What can I pour down my drain to unblock it?

Blocked drains can be a major inconvenience for your household or for customers in Poole if the issue affects a commerial premises, whether the problem is big or small. Blockages that are relatively minor, such as if you notice your shower or kitchen sink starting to gurgle or slowly draining bathroom sinks and toilets can sometimes be resolved using plungers or drain unclogging fluids that are available in all major supermarkets.

What to do if a drain unblocker doesn’t work?

If a drain unblocker doesn’t work and remains unblocked, it may be time to call in the professionals. The cause of the issue is likely to be more serious such as heavy scale build-up in pipe-work, tree roots, or collapsed runs requiring drainage repair. Resolving the issue will require professional equipment and closer inspection of your local drainage system. That’s where our drain unblocking Poole service comes in. We offer a wide range of drain services, so you can trust us to handle any drain unblocking needs for your domestic or commercial property. Our professional team is fully equipped to tackle drains using professional methods and tools to get to the root cause of the blockage. From clogged pipes to major drain issues, our services include everything you need to keep your pipework flowing smoothly. 

Following unclogging or repairing your drains and we can advise and help you learn how to prevent future blockages. We cater to domestic and commercial customers across the whole of south west and southern England, and our drain unblocking experts can diagnose and fix any blockage quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s a small issue that requires a quick fix or a major problem that needs drain repairs, we’re here to help. Our call out charges are affordable and fair, so you won’t be left with a hefty bill after a drain emergency. If you suspect a blockage in your pipework, get in touch to speak to one of our friendly team members about our drain unblocking services.

How to maintain drains

The BCP, 01202 area is a beautiful part of the world with a great deal of woodland and pine trees and other evergreen trees populating the area. With this in mind it’s important to inspect pipework and sewers for tree root infestations whenever there is a blockage as this may be the cause of drain issues to many poperties and premises in Poole. Roots require more than use drain rodding to clear and effective drain root cutting and removal equipment is nessessary to resolve the drain troubles or in some cases excavation and major drain works can be needed. Scale build up is another frequent problem due to the hard water in the local area and our emergency drain service in Poole and the wider Bournemouth and Christchurch area, serving customers in and around Dorset is avilable to assist to get your drains unblocked and maintain your drains whenever required.

Why choose CDS?

CDS is a family-run business formed in 1998. We offer a range of services including drain repairs and high-pressure water jetting to help with any sewage clearance issues you may be facing at your home or business. Contact us today via our online contact form or give us a call to speak to our entirely customer-focused team. Whether the emergency is big or small, we are able to quickly prevent the problem from escalating, ensuring fast and efficient resolution. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free quote on using CCTV to diagnose the issue and minimise any disturbance at your property. We cover local areas providing prompt and reliable service across rural Dorset, Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas too. But don’t just take our word, view our great testimonials, and feel free to call us today regarding everything from a blocked kitchen sink to drain modifications and new installations to discuss the project or your drainage requirements.  

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