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CCTV Drainage Surveys in London, Dorset and Southern England.


Professional drain surveys London and Southern England. Complete Drainage Services provide a full range of expert and fully comprehensive CCTV camera surveys of drains and sewer systems of all shapes and sizes across London and Southern England. From basic ‘look and see’ camera inspections to complete in depth recorded surveys of entire pipe work networks with thorough reports and recommendations, we can help. We have been carrying out first rate drain unblocking, drain repairs, maintenance and installations throughout London and the South of England for over 25 years. Contact us now to see how we can help.

London drain surveys
CCTV Drain surveys

CCTV Drain Surveys

Our full CCTV drainage surveys in London and Southern England come complete with full report, CAD plans and recorded footage, for both domestic and commercial properties. Look no further for the best Drain Surveys available.

We provide a full service from initial inspection using state of the art, specialist drain camera recording equipment to fully compiled and packaged final report detailing and showing clearly, the root cause of any blocked drain issues or other drain related problems. These reports are invaluable when purchasing new properties with our home buyer drain surveys, giving a great insight in to a potential purchase.

They can also identify the cause of an underground issue without the need for expensive and inconvenient excavation works.

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What is a Drain Survey?

CCTV drainage inspections and surveys are the most effective, least damaging and low cost way to discover the root cause of a blockage or damaged drain. Drain surveys London are extremely useful if you suspect a cracked or collapsed section of drain within your drainage system. Our specialised, CCTV drain camera equipment makes it very straight forward to spot any structural vulnerabilities which are often the result of tree roots growing against and in to the pipe-work.

By conducting a drain survey we can thoroughly assess the condition of the drains and recommend the best course of action to repair and re-establish your drains to perfect working order. No initial excavations or ground work is needed to do this, drastically reducing the time and costs associated with under-ground inspection. In the past, extensive digging and material removal was needed along with the displacment of drain sections to locate problem areas.

CCTV drain surveys London are also highly effective when you have a rodent issue with your drainage systems. The specialist Survey camera can produce detailed footage of where rats may be able to gain entry to the drain run and in to your property! Drain surveys are also highly recommended when you are thinking of purchasing a property as detailed in the next section, below.

CCTV drain surveys London

CCTV drain surveys London

drainage surveys London

CCTV Drain survey London – The process

We take health and safety very seriously and it is paramount to our work. Prior to setting up any of the drain survey machinery, hoses and specialist equpment, our engineers will set up any necessary safety barriers and signage, informing that drainage survey work is being undertaken. This ensures a safe working environment for both our operatives and the public too. Images with time and date stamp will also be taken.

Our experienced Drainage operatives have been carrying out Drain Surveys ever since the equipment became available. Our drain camera surveying equipment is fully portable and can be used for internal and external drainage inspection and in just about any type of property or location.

If the drainage system isn’t clear, we are able to carry out high pressure water jetting using our specialist drain jetting equipment. Once this has been carried out the drain run should be clear and any structural damage or problem areas will appear clearly without any debris or blockages obstructing them from view.

Secondly the drain surveying equipment will be set up, including the CCTV camera and monitoring equipment. A recording device, either DVD or USB memory stick will be readied to record the footage in cases where a full CCTV drainage report has been requested. The camera will be fed along each channel of the drain system gradually working it’s way whilst the operative monitors the footage for any issues such as cracks or root infestations. We also offer a crawler drain surveying system for use in larger diameter pipework. Once each section of the drainage system has been inspected and recorded we will clear away the equipment and the footage and accompanying notes will be relayed to our office.

Finally our experienced office team will analyse the footage, taking still images where any issues are shown and compile them in to a full drain survey report. This will also contain a detailed written description of the condition of the drain system along with recommendations and technical CAD drawings showing the mapping and layout of the drain runs which correspond to the findings.

The completed drain survey report including the recorded footage in DVD or USB memory stick format will be sent to you usually within 10 working days of the drain survey being carried out.


Home buyers Drain Surveys 

Not only are our Drainage surveys required for repairs by existing property owners they are now a highly recommended and valuable investment when buying a home or commercial building. 

Buying a property is very expensive but the price you pay for the building is only part of the story. After including all of the additional expenses such as legal fees and stamp duty the amount becomes somewhat higher. With this in mind it’s important to know that the biggest purchase of your entire life is a wise one, therefore a survey of both the structure and also the drainage and underground ‘unseen’ aspect of the building is now a very good idea.
With ever increasing and changing disclaimers, responsibility legislation amongst the current compensation culture, a thorough understanding of the drainage system of your property is somewhat essential for any eventualities and avoidance of nasty surprises.

We are able to provide complete home buyer domestic and commercial surveys containing fully comprehensive drainage system CCTV DVD recordings, highlighting any defects within the system. A full report with still images of highlighted defects and potential problems along with CAD created technical drawings mapping the layout of the property’s drainage. We can then provide a quotation and suitable assessment of how to rectify any problems shown within the survey. Home buyer drain surveys London are a straight forward investment in a potential purchase that could save you a fortune in the long run, both in terms of the asking price of a property but over the drain system’s lifetime too. 

Get in contact with our friendly office team to find out more on 07746 286075 or email us via our contact page

Home buyer CCTV drain surveys

CCTV Drain Survey Footage

Our CCTV drainage surveys capture clear, well lit footage of your drain system and pipe-work which shows every aspect of the drain run. This makes it possible to identify any cracked drains, dropped drainage pipe sections, structural issues, rodent infestations and more.

Still images will be taken from the footage where key points and problem areas are visible which will then be included in the final written drain survey report. A thorough desciption of each image from the drain footage will accompany, detailing exactly what is shown in the drain section and full recommendations will outline how to reinstate the drainage to full working order.

The footage will also accompany the report in either a DVD or USB memory stick completing the professional drainage survey report.

As shown in the drain survey footage, displaced pipe-work sections, wear and tear resulting in rough pipe surfaces along with root infestations are all clearly visible. This is also shown with the exact location along the pipe run so that works can be carried out with great accuracy when needing to access or excavate problem areas of the drainage system. As mentioned previously, this saves an enormous amount of time and expense when compared to traditional drain repairs and ground works where the entire area would need to be investigated and unearthed. 

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