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Commercial Drainage Services

In a busy office, working environment, or public-facing business, the smooth running of your drainage systems is absolutely paramount not only for yours and your team’s comfort, but your customers’ and clients’ too. If you encounter a burst pipe, blocked drains, or require drainage services, the daily running of your business could come to a definitive halt. At Complete Drainage Services, we provide commercial drainage services to businesses in London, Dorset, and the South East of England, large and independent, public-facing and corporate, in order to keep you and your business moving forwards. From basic ‘look and see’ camera inspections to in-depth recorded surveys of the entire pipe work, we’ll help you get to the bottom of the problem.

Drain Maintenance for Businesses

Blocked pipes, smelly drains, and burst water pipes aren’t only a nuisance for the workings of your business, but they are also unpleasant for customers’ and team members of your business. Regardless of whether you are an office space or an independent cafe, blocked drains can happen at the worst times. If you are a business that would experience a loss of income or complete closure due to blocked drains, then you need the engineers of CDS. We can offer a variety of preventative maintenance plans, fix the problem at hand, and provide emergency plumbing for your peace of mind. From simple ‘look and see’ camera inspections to complete, in-depth recorded surveys of entire pipe work networks with thorough reports and recommendations, Complete Drainage Services can help your business.

Rodent Control

Businesses that handle food, like restaurants, bars, and cafes, may benefit from our rodent control services. In the majority of instances, rats enter your building through faulty drains. Ineffective pipes can lead rats straight into your kitchens and the problem can quickly escalate. This could be detrimental to businesses in the hospitality and food service industries, so if you are beginning to suspect that rats may be gaining entry to your premises, we can help. We will carry out for you a CCTV drain survey (once we have cleared any problematic blockages) to identify the root of the problem and place devices called Rat Blockers. This will deter and prevent the rats from gaining access to your premises and will keep you and your customers safe and happy.

Other Drainage Specialist Services

We can also complete CCTV drainage surveys, drain relining, professional jet-washed drain cleaning, excavations, root cutting that is inhibiting your pipework, and heating services. If your business is looking for a reliable drainage specialist, then you’ve found them in Complete Drainage Services. Contact us today on 07746 286075 to find out more.

Railway Drainage Contractor

We are approved Network Rail drainage contractors and are fully insured and certified for all drainage works within the rail industry. For more information click here.

Commercial Drainage Specialists

Expert blocked drain clearance – cleaning and maintenance – CCTV drainage surveys- Rodent control – New drain & sewer connections & installations – Plumbing services – Drain repairs and more…

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