Two engineers from CDS arrived today very punctually. They were friendly as well as up front and informative about the service they were about to provide and the costs which would ensue. They were flexible enough to fit round my awkward weekend schedule and turned up on Saturday afternoon when I could be at the house. They used the drain-jetter to remove a fair few kilos of scale, soap and fat from the 4″ waste pipe which runs 13m+ from our kitchen and utility room waste to the inspection chamber. They showed me the material which they had removed which had been causing the blockage as they pulling it out, at various times during the operation. They then used CCTV to check the 13m run of pipe was clear and showed me how clear the pipe was for that run. They also highlighted a side junction pipe which also had scale and advised this should also be cleared. In addition they advised I should probably get them to jet and CCTV check down stream from my inspection chamber down to the common pipe. Unfortunately I had limited budget otherwise I would have had them perform these services too. They also advised me on what washing machine soaps and detergents not so use and also processes not to perform like using some drain chemicals for trying to unblock the drains myself. I had been using some which could cause detrimental effects to plastic pipes. They also advised of some of the techniques which other disreputable companies might use to ensure repeat call-outs, and warned me to be wary of these. At all time they were polite, professional and very knowledgeable. They performed all services with full transparency of both the process and the price. They were able to advise on the expected length of time that the blockage build-up would have taken place so I may go back to my letting agent to advise them, that this blockage would have been building long before our family moved in, and was probably not solely due to our family. I would certainly be happy to use this company again in the future, and I would also be happy to recommend them to anyone. To a layman the cost of drain cleaning services may not seem cheap, but remember you get what you pay for, and with CDS you get VERY good service.

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