We had a mystery water leak.

A damp patch appeared on the carpet between the dining, and living room.

We didn’t suspect a plumbing issue, because the water meter was still. (No movement)

This left rising damp, ground water, or drains.

We called a rising damp company, who took water, and screed samples for analysis.

They said get a drain, and plumbing survey, so we called CDS. Best think we could have done.

Rob arrived promptly. checked around our house, checked the flow of our drains.

Whilst in the kitchen he said he could hear running water. Further investigation revealed a “Pin Prick” leak in and old plastic supply pipe.

It was in a dark corner next to the sewage stack coming down from the bathroom.

We could’t hear it as we are in our late 70’s, so good job we called Rob.

The leak is now fixed, and the insurance company is sending specialists to dry it all out, and replace the flooring.

Thank you Rob.
Best Regards
Bob & Sylvia Richardson

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